Mysterious Lights Over San Diego Spark UFO Visitation Speculation


Residents of San Diego were startled with the mysterious lights that appeared in the sky above their city. Twitter was flooded with photos and videos of the strange glowing orbs that made some to speculate the lights were of extraterrestrial in origin.

Many observed floating-balls like object over the downtown skyline. Various residents had observed the strange aerial activity looking from La Mesa to downtown. Some others mentioned, “extraterrestrial lights” randomly appearing in the air of Pacific Beach in San Diego.

Did aliens visit San Diego? Several UFO enthusiasts think so, but a Navy spokesperson said otherwise. According to the official Navy report, the lights were merely part of a flare training exercise. However, despite this straightforward explanation, many others expressed doubt at it, who said that the official word was unbelievable.

Is the truth out there in San Diego? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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