UFO Caught On Video Over Stroud, Butterow in UK


A baffled resident has submitted a video of what they call a UFO over Butterow, near Rodborough.

An unidentified flying object has been observed moving over the Stroud skyline. A resident spotted the strange activity and caught it on video.

A Stroud resident, who happened to be awake, saw the UFO at 3 am on one September morning.

They said the strange shape hovered above the trees, just below Rodborough.

According to the witness, they felt excitement but at the same time scared.

The witness, who chose to stay anonymous, claimed that it was not the first time they saw an unexplained object in the middle of the night.

The night owl said that they had seen a similar thing around the area before and such object had become a familiar sight to them. They further claimed that they even once saw five all at once.

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