UFO Mystery – Ominous Prophecy of Vanished Pilot

Frederick Valentich
Frederick Valentich

Forty years since Victorian pilot Fred Valentich’s disappearance off the coast of Cape Otway, his fiancée Rhonda Rushton has revealed for the first time about an ominous conversation she shared with her boyfriend a day earlier. She revealed the unsettling final words to her. She admitted that she has not able to move on from the tragedy ever since.

Ms Rushton stated despite Mr Valentech’s plans to set course across the Bass Strait; he admitted being fearful of flying over water.

She found it a bit strange, but it was clear to her that he had some sort of gut feeling.

Despite extensive ground and air search, no trace of him or his plane was ever recovered after he took off on October 21, 1978, from Moorabbin airport.

But his final conversation with an air traffic controller would eventually baffle investigators and spark one of the most enduring aviation mysterious in Australia.

Mr Valentich told Melbourne air traffic control that a long metallic, unidentified aircraft followed him. The UFO had four bright lights at times moved at high speed, according to Mr Valentich. The pilot further described to the air traffic control that the mysterious aircraft orbited above his plane. Moments after, he reported his engine was failing.

Mr Valentich also told air traffic control that the UFO was playing some sort of game as it was flying over him two, three times at a time at speeds he could not identify. Melbourne – Delta Sierra Juliet said it wasn’t an aircraft.

Critics claimed that the pilot might have faked his disappearance or disoriented and crashed. However, Ms Rushton said that Fred was very honest as he would never make something like that up.

Fred Valentich’s disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of Australian aviation history and one of the most famous UFO conspiracies in the world.

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      • If you are replying to me, I am well aware of the connotations. I have no doubt he felt all these things. But what was the prophecy? or was this just another way of saying HE felt in danger?

  1. Fred Valentich couldn’t actually be called a “pilot”. He had logged only 150 total hours of flight and had a restricted flight license due to his inexperience. He was also twice had a request to join the Royal Air Academy due to insufficient education.

    • what is your point? how does this affect his leaving a loved one and admitting he felt scared about it. Surely you have had a moment in your life close to that? that feeling of dread before you do something.

      This is a piece about the emotion involved and not his record. Unless you are trying to slam someone who died and cant defend themselves I am not really sure what your point is.

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