A UFO Caught On Video During Sunset Over City of Keller in Texas

Keller resident Angie McNatt Krackenberger was snapping photographs of a breathtaking scene of the sunset on J.T. Ottinger Road, located just south of Texas 114, near from her home, on the evening of November 19, 2018.

The photography enthusiast and teacher noticed something unusual while taking pictures of the sunset.

She saw through her lens clouds moving and eventually disappearing, but one simply remained.

She described the mysterious thing as glowing and much smaller than the other clouds.

 She later realized that it stayed put and completely unchanged.

So, she zoomed in and found out that it was not a cloud at all, but could not identify it either. She took a few pictures and recorded some videos. She continued to observe the strange object for around 15 minutes.

When the sun already set, she got back in her car and tried to think an explanation of what she saw but could not think of anything.

 She called her husband while on the drive home to tell him about what she had seen. Her husband suggested it could be a weather balloon, or perhaps a blimp.However, when she let him viewed the footage, he was also equally confused.

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  1. I believe that a vast majority of the UFO’s witnessed here in the US are actually American made assets that were funded by tax payers who have paid for these black projects.

  2. that could be a very far away plane trail, made to look bigger in the camera . or it is the sun behind heavy haze or low far away clouds.

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