Disc-shaped UFO over Ehrenberg, Arizona 9-Dec-2018


This daytime UFO video of a solid flying saucer was filmed over Ehrenberg, AZ on 9th December 2018.

Witness report: Driving back from Disneyland with the family on I-10 heading east stopped at Chevron near Ehrenberg AZ to get gas, made a wrong turn to get back on highway, wound up on dirt road close to the gas station and noticed a dark object hovering completely motionless just above the mountains in the Southern sky. I observed it for approximately 5 minutes, it had absolutely no motion whatsoever. I was able to videotape it and took one photo before the wife made me leave and get back on the road towards home.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. I believe the object seen in this video, is a radar blimp. It is a downward looking radar, able to look at any low flying aircraft. It has a tether, which reaches from the ground and can go up to 5 thousand feet. These are very common in Arizona, Because of the nearby border. Just a thought!

  2. I believe these craft to be American “assets” that our tax money has funded thru “black budgets”. Extra-terrestrials are quietly watching for our reactions to these mysterious craft.

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