A UFO In Purple and White Recorded on Video Above Waterford, Ireland

Submitter 96894 uploaded a UFO video sighting to MUFON. According to the report, his wife Anita recorded two videos on the evening of December 9, 2018.

The mysterious colored object was reportedly seen above Waterford, Ireland. The video shows a glowing object in a strange shape.

It is a purple-colored donut object with several breaks in the circular shape. On top of the UFO are around 18 brightly lit white lights.

It appears that the strange flying donut fades in and out of focus several times, but clearly seen frequently in the video.

Most viewers of the video are left clueless of the identity of the bizarre object. Others are suggesting the UFO could be anything from an inflated object to a remote drone of some kind, or something more ominous.

Take a look at the clip and see if you have something in mind as to what the object is.

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