UFO caught on tape over New York 1-Apr-2019

Bright UFO Orbs hovering above New York on April 1st.

Witness report: 2 Sightings UFO Orbs Appear Over City & UFO Breaks Apart Central NY. The second sighting the colors are not showing correctly recorded in different location

Source: MUFON

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  1. Chinese Lanterns? I think theses things should not be classed as UFOs but as ULPs, (unknown light phenomena). There is never any definition as to what is behind the lights.

  2. Well, at least when the orbs of light joined back together it didn’t cause a sonic BOOM, flash of electricity and a blast wave; which triggered car alarms and jolted a camera person.
    (See video of orbs over Jerusalem in 2015)
    Signs and wonders!


    I watched a video a man took near a ship yard (I think U.S.), who was also wondering what these ORBS of light were as well.
    He spent about a year cataloging videos (after dark).
    One night he cought a large, white light orb, like N.Y., and filmed it landing on the ground near an out building.

    Unaware they were being filmed, the Orb dissipated on the ground, and two beings appeared conversing with one another.
    One was a tall, grey, alien looking being and the other was very small and (strange looking).

    I’m theorizing now:
    What we are seeing here is no different than our automobile. It’s a personal transport vessel that these beings use to get around.

    Also similar to us, as I have a 1997 Saturn
    and Jay Leno has a parking garage full of exotic, very expensive automobiles.
    It seems the more power and influence that you have both here on Earth and in our Galixcy, the nicer your vehicles are.

    So again, in theory, what we are seeing here are very advanced and powerful beings with a really nice rides!
    The bigger and brighter ORBS being seen hoovering over all the majior Cities on Earth, are the most powerful (of their kind).
    The little tiney ones seen during a successful paranormal investigation in a haunted building, not so much.

    WARNING: Just because their “car” is tiney and not very brite, doesn’t mean they are incapeable of messing you up,
    i.e. possession, poltergeists’, hauntings
    People, it’s just my theory.

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