Triangle UFO filmed over Billerica, Massachusetts

This was filmed on 29th December 2018 over Billerica, Massachusetts.

Witness report: I was on my computer when I suddenly heard my mother yell for me to come outside, thinking she was hurt I ran out to see what was going on. She pointed up into the sky from our porch and I saw a huge set of three lights, with one light occasionally blinking. My brother came out as well and witnessed it. After about a minute or less the blinking light disappeared and shortly after the other two lights disappeared with it. My mother told me that she went out to smoke a cigarette and saw a line of three large lights in the sky so she took out her phone to video them, while she looked down to take her phone the lights formed into a triangle. She began videoing for a few seconds and stopped to call me and my brother out though I’m not quite sure why she stopped recording.

Source: MUFON

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