A UFO Has Forced An American Airlines Flight to Return to New York Airport


A UFO has made an American Airlines flight bound to Los Angeles returned to New York.  Officials said the aircraft struck the object on its departure late Wednesday.

No injuries were reported among 101 passengers and eight crew members aboard Flight 300 out of JFK Airport, according to the statement issued by American Airlines.

A lady passenger inside the plane managed to capture and share a photo from inside the plane. She said she caught a big chunk out of the wing.

Officials did not elaborate on the incident further. They only said the aircraft struck the object. There’s no additional information about it.

The airline said it had no further comment on the mysterious object at this time.

The flight took off from JFK at 8:40 pm and destined for Los Angeles International Airport. The aircraft landed safely at 9:09 pm in New York.

The airline issued an apology to the passengers and informed them they would be boarding a new aircraft to proceed with their travel plans.

American Airlines said the Airbus 321 was being inspected and the bizarre incident is under review.

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  1. The headline sounds catchy… 🙂

    It makes you think that there must have been a telepathic message from aliens in the heads of the pilots and passengers saying: “Get this plane down immediately or we will open fire!”

    What really happened was that the plane hit something… Ok, until they don’t know what it was, let’s call it a UFO…

    But seriously! 🙂

  2. The original article claims a strong cross wind tipped the plane on take off, and the wing touched the ground forcing the damaged plane to land.

  3. bad report – no links to source or pictures, all talk no show, you could have put anything there at this point, “flying pig spotted & many witnesses & pictures taken” but shows nothing at all

  4. Aggreed, supposedly a woman e-mailed a pic of the UFO that caused the damage to the wing of the jetliner before authorities could confiscate the evidence.

    If so, show me the evidence! This is a monumental case if it really happened
    as the article points out.

    Until then, I’m scepictical as well.
    This could make the “satilite video” of the Malaysia airlines flight “vanishing in a flash of light” believable if this were true!

    Are UFO’S systimaticly taking out air craft
    On Earth?

    If so, some explanation from our world governments should not only be expected but DEMANDED! (PLEASE)

  5. Air Force has been keeping reports on UFO’s for decades. I worked din NORAD Air Defense Radar Operations from 1976 thru 1980 at LUKE AFB Az. 26th Air Division/NORAD Region. and know this is a fact. All reports had to be forwarded to The Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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