Latest UFO Sighting Video Reveals Reflective and Rotating UFO Over Phoenix

UFOs come in all sizes and shapes, but a new video exposes a seemingly unique type of alien spaceship. The bizarre new footage shows a reflective diamond-shape object reportedly spotted over the U.S.

The latest UFO sighting video has taken place over Phoenix, Arizona. The clip, shared on Facebook, has been seen 28,000 times. Many conspiracy theorists believe the footage shows proof of another alien spaceship visiting Earth.

UFO researcher Jeff Woolwine of Phoenix recorded the UFO sighting.

One Facebook commenter says that the video is one of the clearest he has seen in a while.

Since the UFO itself appears to be reflective, it is difficult to get details of its surface.

Mr. Woolwine recorded the strange sighting from outside his apartment at 2:37 pm using a Canon HD camera.

However, the seven-minute-long video is shaky and heavily zoomed-in, making further verification impossible.

Still, some conspiracy theorists think the bright yellow luminosity of the UFO is remarkable. They say the unusual object in the sky seems to twist and turn in a 360-degree angle as it moves.

Kevin Duffy writes on Facebook that it looks just a piece of paper floating in the wind until it makes many sudden movements that could be around hundreds of yards in less than a second while still retaining its shape.

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