Dozens of UFOs Caught on Video Over Wyoming


The video description states the witness of the strange event saw UFOs that looked like some craft moving across the sky without any sound.

It seems that going into Area 51 might not be necessary to see creatures altogether from another planet as one Facebook event suggests. A mass UFO sighting was recently reported in Wyoming, US.

In a description of the YouTube video showing the UFOs, the phenomenon took place on July 26 over Casper City.

It presented the testimony, quoted by the owner of the YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0 from the eyewitness, saying the objects in the video were not orbs but rather appeared like crafts moving in complete silence.

The witness said they were not drones as they did not hear the propellers, but they had no idea what were those mysterious aerial things.

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  1. Is the music really necessary? But very interesting . Could they be birds reflecting light from underneath? Lanterns? UFOs? Who knows. Did anybody else see them?

    I counted twenty that were visable in front of the cloud bank. Many more looked to be blinking off and on suggesting movement in and out of the clouds.
    That looked like an organized patrol; on a mission. Spaced out at similar distance, moving at the same speed and grouped at the same altitude. Impressive!

    I saw one as a child that moved with such grace like that, only up close and personal.
    It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
    This is why when the Air Force talked to me in college about signing on as a pilot, (knowing I was taking off and landing a plane before I had a driver’s license) I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.
    I said: I don’t mean to be disrespectful Sir, but your flying around in the equivalent of an over priced, bucket of rusty bolts!
    It’s just that when you see one up close that’s low and going slow, then it stops 300ft above your head and hovers with out a sound, who would want to pilot a jet?
    When it moved off and was just above the tree tops on the hill of my street, it banked at 45 degrees, leveled off, then shot right out of sight. Not even a sound!

    I lived in the East wind, landing flight path of O’hare International airport; that’s loud!
    I said to my two buddies who were with me:
    I’ve got to get me one of those!
    So, sorry to disappoint you Sir, but those craft can literally match the speed and altitude of your fastest missile, then do circles around it!
    Also Sir, your patrols are usually in two to five jets; that patrol had at least twenty-five (visible ones).
    However, if those craft were indeed heading to area 51 and they had USAF markings and ID numbers and are ours;
    I should have taken that offer to fly for such a proud and prestigious branch of the military.
    If on the other hand they don’t belong to the U.S. Armed forces, we are in a pile of trouble and a world of hurt.
    I’m probably past the age and ability to fly any more; though I still say: I’VE GOT TO GET ME ONE OF THOSE!
    Good catch people!

    • a lot of us don’t really believe until we have seen one with our own eyes. I saw mine way back in 1961 and it was a couple hundred feet away so I got a good look. It was only on the ground for a few minuets. I even took friends back the next day and we looked at they impressions it made when it landed.

  3. Could be drone owners putting on a show knowing people would make these videos, OR celebration lanterns because of their flickering. Could also be balloons with small LEDs attached, seen that a few times on video. Pretty small whatever they are.
    I think it’s funny how so many people say that aliens are here but are avoiding detection and then when something like this comes along that definately calls attention to itself those same people say, “Oh look it’s Aliens!” LOL

  4. One thing we do know is that they are definitely UFOs…. along with every other light in the sky that isn’t positively identified. A UFO is NOT a Alien Craft. There are those that don’t realize that if they consider UFOs an “Alien Craft” then it’s no longer an Unidentified Flying (or Floating) Object.
    People see something unusual and out of excitement and in the heat of the moment make a false claim to gain attention and then later feel the need to constantly defend that false claim tooth and nail in an attempt to avoid embarrassment from a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ve done it myself. Saying you see a UFO gives you at least your 15 minutes of Fame. Some have been carrying in on for years and have discovered you can make a pretty penny at it. Not to say that there’s not intelligent life Out There, just saying there’s some Not So Intelligent Life DOWN HERE.LMAO

  5. A seldom opportunity to see with own eyes a fly by of unknown ‘lights’ crossing the sky.
    Very impressive it is.
    Just some extraterrestrial devices who take a look to insane Earth people.
    Very good record!

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