Facebook Removes Viral ‘Storm Area 51’ Event

More than two million UFO enthusiasts responded to the call of “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook event page, but they recently found it suddenly blocked by Facebook because of violations to “community standards.”

The Facebook event page managed to attract a high volume of attendees and made Las Vegas strip club to pledge of bringing its dancers to entertain the masses. Without further reason, Facebook removed the page over the weekend, including the backup page set by the organizers.

The would-be raiders aired their frustration on Reddit and regrouped to share their theories. Others went to Twitter with Area 51 memes. Many agreed to the assumption that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is an ET from Area 51 and he does not want his secret to be disclosed to the public.

Some pointed out that the raid could still take place as everyone knew the time and the place already. Another one opined that Facebook has not heard of the Streisand effect. All hotels nearby are booked for the dates surrounding September 20.

The Pentagon has also done its part to discourage would-be raiders from pursuing their plan by issuing a warning that the US Air Force always stands ready to protect the US and its assets.

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  1. Zuckerberg is just a billionaire by owning facebook. A totally cold and money-greeding human. What the hell is of interest what he says or not says.
    This whole ‘report’ is a very impressive example of ‘fake-news’ and mislead lousy souls. To publish silly reports like this one is just another example of the going down of the former and real values of humankind, called truth, honesty, connection and serve to each other.
    If I am ‘from yesterday’, then you are from a very unfriendly ‘future’ which takes place already now.

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