Glowing Fireball UFO Shoots Out Mysterious Orb Over Egyptian Pyramid

The aerial object in the video is not something that can be generally seen across the sky, but opinions differ over whether it is the product of intelligent aliens or a natural phenomenon.

The footage of the UFO sighting was reportedly recorded over the pyramids of Egypt. It has caused bizarre claims, including from people who believe that the real builder of the pyramid had returned to check out their creation.

It shows a glowing white fireball streaking across the sky reportedly above an Egyptian pyramid when a white orb appears to suddenly shoot off and move in the opposite direction from the space rock.

A tourist reportedly recorded the video and uploaded it to the Chinese YouTube channel Bizarre World back in June.

Most commenters suggest that it is a flying saucer, but there are others who believe that it’s a fragment of a meteor.

The UFO streaks across the sky and part of it shoots out another white orb, which seemingly travels in the opposite direction. It looks to some UFO enthusiasts that intelligent beings who built the pyramids were doing a flyby to check on them.

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  1. I would say a meteor, with a fragment shooting off, but it is a bit odd that there was only one piece that can be seen. I would have liked to see more video on what happened to the other ball.

  2. If it was a ‘fragment’, it seems strange that the ‘fragment’ goes off at a slight angle upwards in a straight line to the meteor. When it came off it should have dipped towards the Earth, or at least in a straight line. It looks as if it was controlled?

  3. If it was a ‘fragment’, it seems strange that the ‘fragment’ goes off at a slight angle upwards in a straight line to the meteor. When it came off it should have dipped towards the Earth, or at least in a straight line. It looks as if it was controlled?

  4. initially I thought…”bah. for sure a normal meteor sighting”. but then I saw the bright orbit that is common in world sightings. definitely a ufo. one comment said it was debris falling off the meteor. but reversing its path to where it was coming from??

  5. It’s a “cool” video alright. A commen occourance lately it seems.

    I’ve explained this before in this comment section referring to the video of the man filming orbs over a ship yard.

    Again, the man filmed an orb of white light landing near an out building. The Orb dissipated and two beings were seen conversing with one another. A tall grey alien looking being and a really short strange being.

    Using this example, I can only surmise that what is being witnessed all over the world are actually transport vehicles that are used by these beings.

    Where these beings come from is a whole other storie. If you watch the movie,(THE FORTH KIND) based on real events of mass abductions that occurred in Nome Alaska; I can only conclude, what we are seeing here are beings from the dark side.

    I know, I’m crazy right? I don’t think so!
    I interviewed a MAN who was sent to Nome to investigate the high suicide rates, murders and mass disappearances.

    He was taken there in a fully armed Appachi helicopter. The pilot refused to fly him into the town. The fly boy landed the chopper; pointed in the direction of the town and the MAN was forced to walk (many miles) thru dence foliage.
    “I can’t believe I found it”!

    Part of the story goes, that in one of the house’s, a woman was levitating near the ceiling and moving from one corner to the next corner around the room.

    There was a Catholic Priest on sight (allegedly sent by the President of the United States of America). The Priest told the MAN to grab a hold of the woman, so he did as he was instructed.

    The Priest then performed the Catholic rite of exorcism. After some time of intence prayers by the Catholic Priest; the MAN told me: “the woman stood up and walked out of the house as if nothing had happened.”

    When Priest and the MAN talked with that woman, she had no recollection at all of what hat happened to her.

    When you view this movie THE FOURTH KIND, beware! You may never sleep soundly again.
    I’ve studied the footage of actual dash cam video from a Sherriffs radieo car many times (frame by frame).
    When the abduction of the child happens, a white light blinks on, in the center, at the bottom of the saucer.

    “The flying saucer flew over the house and abducted a little girl right through the ceiling, the roof and into the ship before it fled the scene.” The little girl has never been seen again.

    The only conclusion I can logicly come up with is that we are witnessing Satan and his “dark angels” at work here.
    “In the last days there will be signs and wonders!”

    If not then, how is it that a Catholic Priest has power over these beings (at work in Nome Alaska and around the world) to bring that woman back to the floor and keep her from being “abducted” as many others allegedly were.

    “Don’t rejoice in the fact that you have power over the spirits, rejoice in the fact that your name is written in Heaven!”

    If you have a hard time comprehending this commmentary, just call the Federal Bureau of investigation. Since this crazy stuff started in Nome Alaska, the FBI has visited there many thousands of times.

    One more thing: I’ll quote the MAN I’ve interviewed hundreds of times on this subject matter and he says unequivicly: “DON’T MESS WITH THE UFO PEOPLE”!

    It may sound silly and these statements controversial; (I’m sure I’ll be called a “douche” and be told to “lighten up” and “you have a lot to learn”) however, I’ve been investigating (in every State in the U.S.) paranormal activity for the past fourty years.

    I am a devout, practicing Catholic and I believe that Jesus walked this earth to save souls from these beings that want nothing less than to see the “ruin” of mankind.

    ps this isn’t some “cunningly devised fable” made up by some clever man but by the prophets of Christ, who witnessed the true Majesty of His coming. The Son of Man came here to warn us (humans of Earth) of the dangerous perrils we’re up against from the “wicked ones.”

    Faith and prayer is our only hope and our only true defence!
    After all these are emortal beings we are dealing with here.

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