Alien Abductee of the Fame Pascagoula Abduction Will Recall Their Horrific Experience

The alien abductee behind one of the biggest stories on alien abduction is speaking out after his shocking testimony four decades ago that sparked a media storm.

Calvin Parker was only 19 when the notorious Pascagoula Incident took place. He and co-worker Charles Hickson were out fishing in Pascagoula, US when they were allegedly set-upon by a UFO.

Parker and Hickson reported their ordeal that night of October 11, 1973, to the local Sheriff.

Amazingly, the sheriff believed what they had said with Hickson even passed a lie-detector test. The next day the area was filled with reporters from different parts of the country.

Unlike the flying saucer from another planet popularised in cartoons, the UFO described by both men looked more egg-shaped. They estimated it to be around 30 feet long with blue flashing lights and accompanied by a buzzing sound.

The alien creatures that allegedly abducted them were described as nightmarish, mumbling humanoids. These ET abductors were also said to have grey, elephant-texture skin, claw-like three-digit hands, and rounded feet. They also have a slit for a mouth but no eyes.

Hickson has died at the age of 42, but a historical plaque near the incident now stands testimony to one of the best-documented alien abduction cases in the world.

Parker is now exclusively re-stating his traumatic experience at a conference this August 17 in Pontefract, West Yorks. The event is being co-organised by the famous UFO researcher Philip Mantle.

The conference is Mr Parker’s only presentation in the UK. He won’t be speaking anywhere else as he is planning to retire and get back to a more peaceful life in his houseboat, according to Mr Mantle. The conference gives delegates a once in a lifetime chance to meet Calvin Parker in person.

Amid the 1973 media frenzy, Parker mostly stayed in the background but has now gone on-the-record with his new book Pascagoula-The Closest Encounter.

According to the book’s promotional statement, Mr Parker and Hickson were taken aboard the spaceship by the hovering aliens and subjected to an examination, where they became so terrified and thought they would die.

Tickets for the conference are available here.

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  1. I was in my kitchen listening to the radio when the news came over the air about this case. I never doubted these two for a minute either. That was in the early 70s because I moved from that house in 1977, so I’m guessing around 1974.

  2. I never doubted them for a minute either. They passed polygraph tests and their stories never changed a bit. What more does anyone want from these men? Do we really need to believe we are the only living beings out there in the universe? There are beings more advanced than we are observing us every day!

  3. The Earth people have sent a space ship into outer space describing human beings and where we’re located in the cosmos.
    All it takes is one traveling species who have mastered galactic travel to stumble across it. Then announce it to all the other species who have also discovered how to “Jump” over enormous distances nearly instantaneously.
    Now, being visited by God only knows how many thousands of different types of beings, we seem shocked that events are occurring like this one all over the world.
    They come here and see that we are trashing our incredibly rare world and that we are at war with our own kind, why would they show us any respect?
    If you came all that distance to meet earthlings and witnessed the way we act towards one another and have killed our world because of greed, would you treat us respectfully?
    No you wouldn’t! In a similar manner, would you allow earthlings the technology to roam about our galixcy doing the same distruction to other rare worlds that have the ability to support and sustain life?
    No you wouldn’t. So they will let us perrish in our own corruption and we will eventually kill off our selves.
    Don’t worry about the earth though, because she is like a flower that blooms for a little while then goes dorment, while she repairs the damage we have done to her.
    Then she will flower again.
    Then maybe the next species that calls her home will treat her with some respect
    And the beings that visit her will invite that species into the galactic society.
    Then the new earthlings can learn the true mysteries of the wounder land that is our universe.
    They call earthlings “smoggers” the worst insult that can be leveled at a beings who inhabit such a rare and beautiful world.
    Then trash it!
    Don’t worry though we’ll have a pile of money in our banking system.

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