German WWII Capabilities and Secret Space Program

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Here are some highlights from an expert on WWII capabilities of the Germans!

The Germans hit the moon with an unmanned spacecraft, decades before the US reached there!

They generated the antigravity effect of their flying saucers using conventional engines in the 1940s.

They put regular guns on them until after World War 2 was over. Later, they used free energy to power them and utilized beam weapons. That’s the reason they destroyed Admiral Byrd completely and sent down his Navy task force to Antarctica in 1947.

Germans created unmanned spherical drones as foo fighters. These drones were controlled from the ground with television cameras and had heat-seeking, acoustic, and magnetic targeting. Turbojets powered them. The Germans made a master race at the south pole, which is still there until today. They have cures for diseases, and they live longer. Many whistleblowers have been talking about German governments populating many other planets and moons in our solar systems as well as throughout the galaxy!

Jeff Rense posted two incredible clips from the restored old film showing German flying saucers. There were also several photographs of German flying saucers from the 1930s and 40s!

This is not fake and not a Hollywood movie! The first clip shows a German flying saucer moving above a field in the beginning while the second clip starts at the 5:30 mark in the video.

This connects to all the whistleblowers who say Germany did have antigravity working in the 30s and went on to have bases on Mars and Moon in the 30s and 40s! The demonic Draco reptilian aliens (fallen angels) aided a German breakaway civilization.

From other sources, we have been told there are now between half a million and a million Germans on Mars.

Sources now say the Germans flew over the White house in the 50s to show their force and forced governments in different parts of the world into a treaty where they were provided access to all companies and governments on the planet to help them build their bases and ships in our Solar system and beyond.

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  1. Why talk about the film? Lets see it. I have read many stories about this but so far to me it’t just a wild science fiction story. A film like this might help some people make up their mind whether or not there is something to this. Its very hard these days to get any reliable proof of anything because of all the misinformation out there. All we can do now is look at everything and make up our own mind what we think.

  2. its all real i tell you.

    disclosure is the dream of the UFO community.

    as you can tell, disclosure is happening all the time.


  3. Are you serious! They had advanced rockets but even though they had a proto-type, flying saucer,they hardly got it off the ground, (much like the Canadian one). LOts of fake propaganda films during the war on both sides.
    If they had had, such advanced weaponry and technology back then they not only would have won the war , but be ruling the world and we’d all be speaking German!!

    • I think it’s possible but hard to believe. It could have been a money problem because I don’t think at the time Germany had enough money to build a fleet of these machines.

  4. @Amy Blatt_ thanks for your comment, I copy in:
    “If they had had, such advanced weaponry and technology back then they not only would have won the war , but be ruling the world and we’d all be speaking German!!”
    Yes, maybe.
    As Winston Churchill, the Britain Premier, told at that time (so far I remember):
    “Maybe they have lost this war, but in another space-time-continuum they have won.”
    There are many wrong speculations about German Flying saucers.
    There were several types of ‘Flying discs’ at that time, with different propulsion systems.
    To remind here the famous ‘Victor Schauberger’.
    They all scientists were brought into USA shortly after WW2, called ‘Operation Paperclip’.
    And as well, it was the German pioneer in Rocket-Building, Wernher von Braun, who not only developed the first ‘space rocket’ – called V2, but later in USA he invented even the biggest space-rocket at all: The famous Saturn V.
    But he told some very intimate words (secrets) to one of his co-workers before his death in 16. Juni 1977. I could paste in these words, but I won’t.

    However, the Germans were able to develop some very extraordinary propulsion systems.
    In the three different systems there was one really outstanding one:
    It was the ‘Vril’ power, which simply spoken just creates zero gravity..!!!
    DO YOUR WORK, I tell you once more!!!!
    And regarding the famous Victor Schauberger, he lived not far away from my town, for sure several years ago…….
    Reagarding the many reports of UFOs who fly around totally silent, even perform some unbelievable maneuvers, accelerating in just a moment, as I have seen with own eyes very often, even in very close distance!, you should think about twice!!!!
    Count one onto one – for to get the answer……
    Even the souls with longing to their ‘rabbit holes’ can do that, at least I think so.

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