Several Glowing Objects Hanging Above the Horizon in a Lagoon Off the Coast of North Carolina

A new YouTube video shows fourteen bright objects floating over the horizon in the Pamlico Sound lagoon off the North Carolina coast.

The video uploader William Guy was on a ferry travelling across the lagoon when he noticed mysterious objects in the sky. He immediately switched on his camera to get a video of his UFO sighting. The video initially shows the sky and orange horizon during sunset.

Then 14 bright round objects came into view. Mr Guy pans the camera right and left then focuses on the hovering objects again after showing that nothing in the sky at all except those glowing objects.

Mr Guy claimed that there were some 25 people on the ferry aside from him, and everyone saw the bright objects and recorded them on video as well.

Some conspiracy theorists expressed their delight about the video stating that Earth is under heavy observation. However, sceptics argued that the glowing objects were not UFOs but signal flares used in the military as training targets.

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  1. Before posting these videos, do people do any research, such as checking military involvements,or advertising stunts,or lanterns? There never seems to be any follow up or enough data.

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