Russian Coal Miners Discover a Mysterious Object That Looks Like a Flying Saucer

A recently-resurfaced video has revealed a UFO that has been found buried in a coal mine in Russia. Russian state media claimed the strange UFO-shaped thing was found in a coal mine in Belovo District, Kemerovo.

According to Russia Today, the UFO measured 3.9 ft or 1.2 m across and weighed around 200 kg. The off-the-wall claims were supported by a short interview with an unnamed man who claimed to have helped found the UFO.

He said the excavator driver informed him to have found a strange object on the coal face. When he arrived at the coal-basin, he saw the unusual thing. At first, he thought it was a shield, but when they put it on its edge, he saw that it looked like a UFO.

He suggested it might be some kind of object for throwing as he brought up the possibility that the ancients were bigger than us. He also said that it could be a miniature copy created by people who saw spaceships in the sky.

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  1. Think about it, possibly a “discus” from the days of old when giants walked this earth. There’s no way this stone is a flying saucer except that it was thrown by a very large person (with six fingers and toes…thought I’d add that)

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