UFO Activities Recorded On Videos Traveling Across the Skies of Birmingham and the Black Country

Mysterious orbs have been observed above Birmingham and the Black Country, prompting speculations from members of the public as to what they might be.

Footage shot in Sparkhill and an area of Wolverhampton have shown strange circular objects moving across the skies.

Resident in Sparkhill captured the footage from Birmingham at around 6:30 pm on November 28, Thursday. It shows one bizarre ball moving across the sky with bursts of light around it.

The 24-year-old Sparkhill resident said that they saw the strange orange looking the ball in the sky from inside the car looking out the window.

They were shocked to see something like it as they haven’t seen it before. They said that it was coming down and then going towards the side.

The object in question started to look fiery orange and went through the cloud. The witness thought it was very unusual as it was not something to expect in the sky. They said that it was a shocking moment.

A witness from the Black Country captured another video. It shows four orbs flying low above houses repetitively in the Merry Hill area of Wolverhampton. The unusual incident reportedly took place on November 24, Sunday, at 5:45 pm.

The 27-year witness from Wolverhampton stated that they were walking back from the takeaway when they spotted what seemed to be four orbs following each other across the sky, low above the houses.

They were supposed to ignore it, but then it happened again and these orbs seemed to weave over the houses, coming back before vanishing for a few seconds, according to the witness.

The witness noted that the mysterious orbs were moving further and further away each time it took place before they appeared to just drift away in unison.

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