NASA Monitors Flyby of a Massive NEO


A large space rock has detected by NASA asteroid trackers scraping past Earth in the afternoon hours on Friday the 13th. Dubbed 2019 XO1, the colossal asteroid came close to our planet at around 1:25 pm GMT.

NASA called the flyby an “Earth close approach” of a “Near-Earth Object” (NEO).

NASA said that near-Earth objects have happened in the past, and we should stay alert to the possibility of close Earth approaches in the future.

Asteroid XO1 measures approximately 108.3ft to 242.8ft across.

An asteroid as big as XO1 can slam into the ground with brute force. This asteroid is comparable in width to the wingspan of a Boeing 747, according to the NASA’s estimate.  It is also nearly as tall as the Statue of Liberty in NY.

NASA measures the lower end of the asteroid to stand 52ft (16cm) shorter than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Asteroid XO1 approached the Earth at a speed of approximately 7.93km per second or 28,548km/hr (17,739mph).

The XO1 was heading to the planet Mercury after its flyby near the Earth and it will then revisit the corner space of Earth on December 22, 2022.

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  1. Nice and senseless notification:
    “Near-Earth Object” (NEO) okay, but NO ANY remarks regarding the distance to Earth!
    That’s strange. So in summary it appears as another attempt to create ‘fear’ to the people instead to tell FACTS. Thanks, Webmaster, for another idiotic ‘information’ = fear creating bullshit.
    Obviously no one of you have an idea how many ‘near-earth-objects’ are orbitting Earth – it is more than several thousands……!

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