UFO-Like Mysterious Light Appears in the Bradford Skies

A video of a UFO in the skies over Bradford has made the rounds online recently. The footage was reportedly taken on Tong Road at 4.36 pm on November 26, Tuesday. The one who took the footage, Juran Harrison, did not hesitate to call it a possible UFO sighting.

Taken from a car, the footage shows a bright red glowing UFO moving the sky over the roofline. Then it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Juran described the UFO as a burning red light, which he said was moving sideways then down, going away and leaving a slight trail behind it.

Juran stated that he saw it appeared out of nowhere and disappeared. The UFO looked like a passenger aircraft at first as it seemed to be similar in size, but it moved, unlike any aircraft, according to the witness.

UFO expert Marcus Lowth said that the footage is very interesting, but the supposed UFO could simply be the last glimpse of the setting sun.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire and region have been known to be a UFO hotbed over the years, with regularly reported sightings of mysterious lights and anomalies.

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    • There is an (or multiple) adavanced intelligence just around us.
      Your statement –> we need to have contact with them <—-
      just miss the ultimate question: HOW.
      Are YOU strong enough for to speak about all the humans problems, to report all this, and then asking for a 'solution'?
      It appears as a naive question from a very low state of evolution to ask a question which could be solved by Yourself.
      If you didn't know so far the basic rules valid in the so called 'Cosmos', then you will fail with all your further numerous questions.
      Call for help which will never come into reality.
      So what?
      See yourself as a living being, to understand the rules.
      You must EARN your own merits in the whole universe, before you ask for help.
      If you have earned, you will get answers, if not then not.

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