U-shaped UFO recorded over Halifax, Canada

U-shaped UFO recorded over Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This happened on 21st December 2019.

Witness report: Horseshoe object meets contrail anomaly and later disintegrates. Observed large black cube shaped object in sky from highest vantage point in my city. Immediately pulled over and started filming. Object was moving very slowly left towards long contrail type anomaly which didn’t appear to be natural. Was forced to leave the area due to frustrated residents. Crossed the road and continued filming. Object had now morphed into a sideways horseshoe shape and had made contact with the contrail anomaly. A small protrusion stuck out from the dark object into the contrail anomaly which casted a very long shadow. Had to leave to pick up a delivery. Returned approximately 20 minutes later to find a dark horseshoe shaped cloud as if the object had dematerialized. I took pictures of this as well.

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  1. i think its about time that the public got into the us senate by force if necessary and block the doors to stop anyone outside of the ones who are storming into the place and demand that the public be told the truth after all america is supposed to be the bastion of free speech and everyone is equal well now the time has come for action instead of being fed a bunch of lies and being put off by this so called dark government who seem to be calling all the shots with theirlies and fabricated stories that all ufo sightings are all in the minds of the public afterall it was the public who put these asswipes into power and now its about time the public were told the truth if any of the so called dark government told me to my face that i didnt see any ufos i would kick the bloddy living daylights out of them the house of representatives are every bit as bad when you even get the most powerful man in the world inc america that he cant be trusted to be told the truth what in hells name does that tell us we deserve to know what is going on starting now

  2. Are you serious? Have you ever seen clouds before? First of all, you were too busy trying to get your friends to look, and filming them than you were to film the cloud.

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