Real Reasons Behind US Government Secrecy on UFOs

UFO Conspiracy

In 2017, the New York Times revealed the shocking story of a secret Pentagon program to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The story led many researchers to delve into this strange world. Since then, the public has learned some interesting information about UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) as the Pentagon refers to them.

However, the US government makes it extremely difficult to know what and where UFO-related stuff is going on. Some believe the government is behind some significant conspiracy to cover up the evidence of alien visitation to Earth. Others think the government is in cahoots with ET species to create human-alien hybrids.

Perhaps, but many suspects not.

What many others believe is that the few people in the US government who know about it believe the phenomena might be a threat but don’t know how to deal with it.

Several UFO enthusiasts suggest the government’s assessment of the phenomena, though they won’t admit it, is that the UFOs are being monitored near the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. UFOs also are popping up near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases.

On Robert Hastings’ documents, these UFOs have sometimes even temporarily shut down nuclear weapons systems in the US. It appears now that humanity’s perfection of nuclear energy piqued something or someone’s curiosity in us.

It is important to note that these UFOs are far more advanced than US military capabilities. These UFOs are observed as being capable of reaching hypersonic speeds, demonstrating anti-gravity and invisibility technologies. They have also been tracked moving in and out of Earth orbit, making the most advanced capabilities of the US military an absurd joke in comparison. If these UFOs intend harm, we don’t have a chance. For Pentagon planners, this scenario is an Armageddon-level thing.

Publicizing the truth about UFOs also risks another danger. If the US shares what it knows about UFOs, Russia or China might learn enough to replicate associated very advanced technologies behind UFOs for themselves. If Moscow or Beijing figures out the space-time manipulation before the US, we have a rather large problem.

So, don’t count the military to share more of what it knows anytime soon. We’ll get to the truth eventually, but it will take time.

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  1. with all this talk on the tucker carlson shows about ufo sightings think about it why wont the us government admit to these other worldly happenings ,ANSWER !!! because they dont want to upset the american public and cause wide spread panic because if you believe that then your dumber than the government believe you are NO the real answer is that the government do know about these visitations from where ever they come from and that they have a harvesting /breeding programme agreement with these visitors not to disclose anything about what is truly going on and if this got out into the big domain then all hell would really break out and the american government dont want that to upset
    the deck of highly stacked cards even worse it would upset the joint agreement with countries like russia and china because i believe they are all working in a very close relationship together on subjects like a unified space force and dont want anyone to know about it hence the reason why they all keep us as they like to call it to date with each countries latest weapons including aircraft and war ships because we would then believe that what these countries have is the best there is but as i have said behind all this they have craft as good if not better than any of the extraterrials currently have but someday soon the s**t is gonna hit the fan and then we will get the disclosure we have been wanting for decades only it will ne the way we want it and not they way all these black covert governments want it

    • So true. People would freak out. I think if want to destroy us would of already. I am a believer of They are Out There.Believe they are studing us. watching the destruction of our Planet. They just waiting we will end all on Earth ourselves. Not afraid..fasinated.

  2. I think its more likely the industrialists that are afraid of zero point energy and all the other technology that could be gained from contact with the aliens or possibly that the government already has and is keeping secret. I’m not sure anyone is prepared for what could happen.

  3. Nope ! The aliens are actually using us for food and experimental subjects. Why do you think President Carter was crying after receiving the data he found ???
    Not all aliens are our friends !!!

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