Veteran Astronaut Drops a Hint on Life Forms Beyond Earth in Twitter

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The presence of alien life outside planet Earth made a buzz on Twitter recently as NASA veteran astronaut Michael Collins took to the social networking service to shed light on the subject.

Collins orbited the Moon during Apollo 11 in 1969 alone, but he may haven’t been so lonely after all if his suspicions about extraterrestrial life in deep space come true. Collins spoke about the ET mysteries humans might one day encounter with his more than 62,500 followers on Twitter.

A fan asked the NASA astronaut if he considers searching alien life beyond Earth or seeking a habitable planet to settle as more important.

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In his opinion, Collins said both picks are intertwined with one another. He explained that the two options are all Outward Bound that may reveal life and place. He added that a place to live might be the ultimate and final goal but maybe dependent on the life forms found there.

Collins has been selecting questions to answer that were submitted by his fans on Twitter under the hashtag #Ask MichaelCollins.

Collins is no stranger to talking about the possibility of life developing beyond our solar system. In 1999, the veteran astronaut said that it could be impossible that our Sun is the only one in the entire universe capable of developing intelligent life.

Collins was one of the three astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969. On the 20th in the same month and year, his colleagues Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong attempted the first human-crewed lunar landing. He remained in the lunar orbit as the command module pilot for the mission, where he awaited the safe return of his fellows.

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