Daytime UFO & military helicopters over Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – Marc 2020

This really interesting daytime footage was just submitted to me through our Facebook page. It was recently recorded in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. It show some strange UFO craft that is escorted by military helicopters and planes.

What’s your opinion about this sighting? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Kind of sounded like the helicopter was shooting at it, not sure could have just been background nose. Also look like the part of it was rotating in the front. It was different thou!

  2. That was live gun fire from where I don’t know but I have heard it before and there is no mistaking that for background noise. This will probably be on iufo soon, it looks pretty convincing. I would like to know more about this one because it does sound like they are shooting at that rotating object and it sure looks strange.

  3. Hi, in my analysis this has to do with a spiritual manifestation, a Negative Nature Spirit.
    The Völve, Asatru shaman

  4. If it was a Military exercise , they would not be using live fire with Jets and Helli in such close proximity to each other , I also noticed the absence of any tracer fire . Clearly the sound of at least 2 different weapons . The second Burst lasted to long for a jet . Ground Attack exercise ,with jet support ? I doubt it , to close to the public . I am not convinced this was live fire .

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