Bizarre UFOs filmed releasing orbs over St. Petersburg, Russia 25-Mar-2020

This UFO video was taken over a period of time starting at 8:26PM over St. Petersburg, Russia. At first we see the object in a straight line but after some time the objects group together and begin to drop Orbs to the ground below, upon doing this the witness zooms in on the object and it is in the classic tight triangle formation and just stays there for a while.

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  1. Now that’s a strange looking video. Very similar lights as these have been seen and recorded over Russia for many years. Probably military but….ehh…that’s a weird one.

  2. It’s obvious that there helicopters dropping flares as they fall straight down and one at a time the flare out .. This is not a UFO or UFO’s

    • Stupid comment.
      There were no any helicopters in sight, instead the ‘lights’ hanged around just without any need of ‘helicopters’. Furthermore they appeared to not been intelligent controlled, instead the sink down slowly. it even appeares that they ‘land’ or ‘touched’ the ground behind the trees. No any comment was told to this important situation. Instead it was been ‘ignored’ at all.
      To note that dropped ‘flares’ do absolutely not hanging in the skies, instead they sink to the ground by moving downwards.
      So – no helicopters, and no flares.
      What kind of ‘lights’ will be able to show such a behaviour?
      For you it may appear as the ‘one-million-dollar-question’, so far you are a bit under-developed. All the others do know the answer. Except you, obviously.

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