Really fast UFOs filmed over Louisville, Kentucky 2-Mar-2020

Huge bright UFOs/Orbs were recorded flying over the night sky above Louisville in Kentucky on 2nd March 2020.

Witness report: fire balls in the sky all going the same direction there were 12 of them

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  1. Hi, I just saw these same objects tonight at around 7:30 pm in West Frankfort IL (just north of Marion IL) I was leaving my hairdressers shop and we were on front porch in country. First I noticed Venus in west sky then these lights were coming by Venus and headed east.. there was at least 6 of them.. they would get to a certain spot , they would get really bright then disappear. I thought they were going in a cloud at first.

    • I often see objects in the sky often here in houston and today about midway i seen a black object and it was traveling at a really good pace not a plane ir a bird i never seen nothing like that before.

    • Im located about 30 south of Morehead Ky. About 30 days ago there was a full moon out,i stepped out onto my deck aproximatly 9pm.I seen a ball of light traveling south east at about 15k ft,180kts.No con trail visible in moon light,no sound.Ive been ia aviation for 30 years.Never seen that.Also it had no position lights.No anti collision lights.No sound.Im an A/P tech and Pilot.Prior Mil.Its one of ours or one of them.Im not a fan of them greys.

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