Flying saucer over Barcelona during a thunderstorm

This giant disc-shaped object was caught on tape over Barcelona, the capital and largest city of Catalonia. Author recorded a huge flying saucer like craft with a blinking lights around it. This happened on 15th March 2020 during a storm.

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  1. That is definitely one huge craft. We don’t have anything that can hover in the air that’s anywhere near that big.

  2. I have seen a couple of UFOs but never any lights on them and silent. If I had not been looking up at the sky at the time, I would never have seen them..I wonder why some have lights if they are really Alien. Do they want to be seen, are they taunting usÉ. Or are the lighted ones Man madeÉ. Excuse moi, the E but I have a French keyboard. It is meant to be a question mark.

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