The Pentagon Discovery of Anunnaki Underground Facilities in Romania and Iraq

Several vital facilities scattered all over the world could store the latest alien technology, more particularly the ones that belong to the Anunnaki.

One of those facilities is on the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. Conspiracy theorists suggest that Enki took refuge in the area during the flood.

It looks like this facility is protected with electromagnetic technology that enables its invisibility.

Romanian Sphinx

In 2002, an aperture that penetrated the interior of this incredible complex was discovered. The so perfect design of the cave has made conspiracy theorists to suggest that it could have been created artificially. Also, sources indicate that it has two walls of electromagnetic energy. The Pentagon reportedly locked this base shortly after discovery.

Another similar complex has been found in Iraq. Sources revealed that the Pentagon discovered it, and that could be the primary reason for the American troops for invading the country.

They found a lot of amazing things inside those caves, including cuneiform inscriptions of unknown origin.

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