Flash of lights from unknown source sighted at night in Washington could point to the appearance of spaceships

A strange and cosmical incident was recorded in the American capital city (Washington) on 20th March 2020. It was the time of night when an onlooker saw a flash of lights emanating from the field spread out to his left and then that flash of lights started rising slowly into the sky. Initially only two lights could be seen, but as the object gained a little height, a third light also became visible. One could say, at first glance, that these flash of lights formed part of a single unidentified object, but as soon as the distance between the flashing lights started increasing as the UFO gained some altitude, the former theory was scrapped and it was considered that the lights may represent three different UFOs. The lights could be emanating from the thrusters that help the spaceships to stay afloat and alter their orientation. This theory was reinforced when after flying for about a few minutes, one of the lights grew a lot brighter than the other and UFOs simultaneously happened to change their orientation with respect to one another, indicating that the alien pilot decreased the intensity of one thrusted as compared to other to may sort of take a turn or to alter the spaceships orientation.

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