UFOs in triangle formation Zarco & Mina, Mexico 10-Mar-2020


The denizens of the cities of Zarco and Mina in Mexico came out of their houses and took to the streets to witness a very strange and bizarre sighting, which happened to be that of a UFO or so what the viewers called it. The three very bright dots of light hovering above the deserted forest, which was behind their residential complex certainly befuddled the crowd that was witnessing such an outlandish event from the streets right across their houses. In one of the recording, the triangular UFO could clearly be seen orienting itself in the space and trying to rotate from the horizontal stance to take up a vertical stance. When the UFO finished aligning itself in the vertical plane, the residents were awed to witness a sudden appearance of a fourth dot of light. One theory concocted by the viewers says that the fourth dot of light may indicate an extended flank or tail of the spacecraft. The critics of this former theory refute it saying that the bigger triangular UFO was trying to rescue a smaller spaceship that had fallen into the woods and that the fourth light belonged to that dysfunctional UFO. All in all, it seemed like a rescue operation.

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  1. Is it not becoming obvious that what we are seeing here are hydrogen warheads in Martian controlled burn offs?

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