Latest UFO Sightings Reports – June 2020

Latest UFO sightings that were submitted through our report page and Facebook page.

Bothell Washington – 6/6/2020
From 1930 hrs. on 6/6/2020 from the West heading slowly between 1,800 feet at it’s highest to 1000 feet as it crossed my path directly overhead moving in a Southwest direction with a duration of 8 minutes with 5 witnesses on site.
Doughnut shaped metallic craft that rotated while moving on a steady heading, came from the setting sun directly overhead at 800 feet rotating with the sun visibly reflecting from the surfaces. a wider portion of open center where the sky behind was visible when the crafts orientation was “bottom side” towards my line of sight. the craft had no hard edges and was beautifully curved at its best visibility and made no noise whatsoever.

Australia UFO Visitation. At 1:15 pm on Friday 5 June
I saw three objects in the sky above my remote ranch in northern South Australia. They hovered in the sky near to me for a few seconds and then flew away at unbelievable speed. I managed to take a quick photo. I’m telling you, we are not alone.

California 4 June 2020
Mount Shasta California yesterday

Springfield VA – 4 June 2020
I took this picture at 3:36 am over Springfield VA and it appears to have 2 UFO’s in the picture.

HongKong – 04/06/2020, 11:31pm
1st image shown the UFO’s light dimed a lot and the UFO out-look appeared with 2 parallel holes.
I used Nikon and Sigma 400mm, Photoshop cropped photos.
The last photo image is an airplane light as reference.
I saw it with my 5year old son. He saw it suddently fly away with super high speed
But I was checking my camera photo ….

Unknown location – June 2020
I took this picture and noticed these white specs the lens on my cell phone Are clean. If you enlarge I found 11 white items yet the pics before this one and the one after do not have these.

Fayre Avenue, Fareham – 31st May 2020
I was in a family friends (Jeff) garden and he was getting his bbq ready for a bbq.
I had only been there for about an hour and I saw an object coming from the area of the Spinika Tower in Portsmouth/Ports down hill way, this object in the sky was twisting and turning. It was very high up with no tail trail or noise. It had lights flashing as it was rotating changing shapes/colours. It had no noise and stayed stationary above Jeff’s house. I kept telling him to look up and eventually he did. The speed of this thing was incredible. We watched it head towards the Sun. Then it stopped. Came back nearer and started moving between the electrical power cables in the distances and it was moving at a speed neither of us has ever seen before..even when we were watching it we were ticking off what we know it wasn’t.
It was the size of a double story house and we both have never seen anything like it. Did anyone else report this. Do you have any information about this please?
It reminded me of a rubex cube in the way it was rotating and the lights flashing like diamonds/ oil like..very fluid. Neither of us had a phone at hand and honestly I was too stunned to move.
Jeff saw this thing through his binoculars. It was black then silver..flashing lights and colours like how petrol reacts on water. It wasn’t just rotating it moved like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Did anyone else see this at about 5pm on 31st May in Fareham,Portsmouth UK???

Boston – 30MAY2020
After I stepped out of my house on the day the SpaceX dragon module was launched, I was just scouring the sky(no telescope)to see whether I could see ISS or something in the sky. But to my surprise what my wife and I witnessed was something else.
I saw three objects which were reflecting lights during the sunset time, those objects were almost flying together like triangle-shaped formation. we just made sure to continue looking at them, and in a few seconds, all of them flew away in different directions.
These were surely flying at cruising altitude but could be mistaken for flights. But their formation and dispersing like being tasked with something urgent as if they just had a meeting didn’t let me accept them as aircraft. The shapes of these objects were looking like small triangles from afar.
No pictures could be captured, but I wished I had my camera with me.
are there any such observation on this day by anyone else?, I would be curious to know.

Marshall, Missoiri – May, 29, 2020
I sat on the porch smoking then i heard a boom the street lights and everything went down for a few seconds. TheN look up and see a Small rotating red light softly move across the sky. The red light would diverge into two which would seem to rotate their lights in tandem as entangled. It moved across the sky and tracked it for about 70 seconds. Real live UFO sighting across Marshall Mo 11:58- midnight friday may 29!

Newton Abbot Devon England – ‎29th of ‎May ‎2020
I was outside in the back garden watching the international space station pass over the area when a strange object caught my eye. I immediately zoomed in on it with my Nikon P900 camera to see what it could be, only to be surprised by what I saw. There was a silver metallic saucer that had large black tinted windows that where semicircle shaped. I counted six windows in total as the saucer rotated while it was slowly being enveloped by a cloud. I quickly took a photograph and looked on with amazement as the cloud was now totally obscuring the saucer from view. It was like the saucer had purposely formed the cloud around it self in order to remain completely undetected as it drifted high above the housing estate below. I tried to take another photograph but the camera strangely malfunction and locked up so I was unable to. I was really annoyed so I put the camera down on the garden table and just watched as the saucer hidden within the cloud slowly floated off into the distance where I unfortunately lost sight of it. The photograph was taken at ‏‎11:11 PM on the ‎29th of ‎May ‎2020, Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

NY – 27 May 2020
I spitted some in the Hudson ballet region of NY last night! Friend from Berkshire Massachusetts saw some too.

Tottenham, Ontario – May 26, 2020 around 2200Hrs
Star sized flashing Red and green objet with no specific pattern. Could be red for 1 min then flash green and red then be green for 1 min. Saw it at about 45 deg over the horizon due south. Then moved straight north to then veer south east to a full stop for a few minutes. Then started to go north to disappear and reappear going north and then started to do S. Stop North at about 45 deg over the horizon. I tried to take a picture with my phone but was way too small to be captured. I tried to zoom but was just a big blur.

Cornwall Ontario may 21st 2020
My backyard

Halifax, Canada – may 8th
Hello I witnessed a UFO in the early hours of may 8th. The object was a shaoeshifting orb of light. Shape shifting .It moved in irregular patterns it also seamed to be scanning with some intense light. To the naked eye there was rays of light coming out of it but on the video the object Is just morphing. Ok it’s pretty wild a shapeshifting orb of light. First I’ve ever seen where I can’t actually explain what it could be. These where takin out my bedroom window with my phone. Very bizarre I wish I had a better camera man the object was morphing like a ball of light. Almost like a plasma ball.. And it would disappear on my camera but I could always see it with my eyes. I’m going to try and contact Chris rutkowski. He is a prominent in Canada

Amazônia – On October 13, 2013;
at 10:45 pm; I see a black ovini without lights (triangular in the front and the wings were in the shape of a boomerang) it had the wingspan of a boing, it passed at low altitude very slowly and without any noise … it came from the south direction and went to the west direction from the Amazon … In 1998 I had yet another more intriguing contact, I was at the window near the yard smoking a cigarette and there was no light; when a fetish of light touched the backyard soil, which at the moment was like a very white room, an unusual white; out of that beam of light, another one comes out in the form of (zzzzzz) I continue to the window when that light spoke in my mind we are not going to do any harm; in seconds I was scared and that continuous zzzzzzz shape came back to the other shape and that light goes out at high speed and the backyard went back to the normal backyard shape. I know what you see and I know it wasn’t something human. ..

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