UFOs hovering above Pachuca de Soto, Mexico

These lights were caught on tape over Pachuca de Soto, the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Hidalgo back in 2019 (12th July) but it was just today uploaded to MUFON website.

Witness report: Objects in formation, with a specific pattern, the observer refers to “A great Ship formed by the lights or objects in the sky”. Strange lights that have flashing light.

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  1. I do see something like a ‘tower’ near an Airfield?
    However, there appearead some ‘flashing lights’ nearby, which either can be approaching airplanes or some strange ‘bodies’ which create a ‘line of flashing lights’ so to say. If so, then you can feel happy to be able to be ‘at the right place at the right time’.
    If so, you just have recorded a strange formation of ‘lights’ – maybe UFOs.
    However, many thanks for your outstanding video recording……..

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