UFO Hunter Finds Alien Warrior Figure in NASA’s Photos of Mars

The self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C Waring said that Martians are having a field day in the year 2020 as humans on Earth are fighting the coronavirus. Yes, that’s shocking, right? The UFO enthusiast jaw-dropping revelation came after he discovered aliens on the hillside on the Red Planet in the latest set of NASA rover photos.

Scott said that he discovered the figure on June 19 but unsure whether it was a male or female. The image reminded him of something identical to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. He noticed the tall hat that appeared to be part of the armor, and he believed to be filled 30% with the person’s head.

Some aliens are believed to have an enlarged or elongated cranium. Scott said that the figure is on the side of a hill, which reminded him of the time he lived near Mount Rushmore, seeing the presidents’ faces on the side of the mountain. Scott stressed that just like humans, it’s a common thing for aliens as intelligent species to carve specific individuals whom they are proud of.  

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    • @Guy … I wondered the same thing. I can’t see anything resembling a tall hat or armour either. This article is too vague to have any value.

  1. Scott Waring needs to keep taking the tablets and shut up. He just makes himself more ridiculous every time he publishes something.

  2. look at the square hole 2 his right!and the 2 square blocks at his left.ther ruins of sum sort ,dnt u ppl think?and wen r they goin2take the public serours?we armu goin2freak out .it wont change any religonish belifes.were not stupiud r we ppl.iv had incounters fm 4yrs old and seen many things,plus SLEEP PARALICES.i dnt spel wel.BUT ITS HAPPEND 2 ME WEN IV BN WIF 3DRIFANT WOMEN ,AT DRIFANT TIMES,BUT WE WER WIDE AWAKE WEN IT HAS HAPPEND.ALSO WEN BN ASLEEP BUT WEN AWAKE?? THATS NO SLEEP PARALISE!!

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