UFO maneuvering over Scottsdale, Arizona 8-Jul-2020

This bright UFO was seen and filmed in the sky above Scottsdale, Arizona earlier this month. Please check the witness report for more info. Strange things are happening.

Witness report: I have many videos I want to send so basically I feel like I’m being watched. I get an electric energy that flows from my neck to my finger tips to my feet. I feel something is there. It’s like a thunderstorm feeling like your being approached but not directly. At first I thought it was drones and planes but I drove from Arizona to Ohio and the video speaks for itself. The feeling I get is my arm hair will stand up and some parts of my body feel like they’re being touch lighting not scary or bad. It’s like a feather touching you. They have followed me for weeks now. If you can provide any answers please help

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  1. To the “witness” who posted the video and remarks about the UFO over Scottsdale AZ: post you sighting(s) and experiences to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for investigations by Field Investigators, please.
    Jim Ingram (CAG)

  2. Adamski and other contactees report{ed} this feeling before contact, sometimes its a physical feeling, sometimes emotional and significantly sometimes mental. You may have an attunement and probably have had since you were small.
    Howard Menger in his book describes meeting his first contact at age 10. Benjamin Creme also wrote of mental contact with our space visitors.
    You could try to attune youself mentally, say hello or such. Remeber your Ps and Qs 🙂

  3. my two experiences were not as extreme, but i conclude that they do acknowledge your presence by letting you know they are there. both times i had no reason to look up but i did so STRAIGHT to the object. seems strange that out of the wide range of sky, my sight was directed to it. not even wandering my view to look for it. my girlfriend also saw my second sighting but didn’t want to tell me. until i mentioned it to her before the object disappeared.i told her to look. and she said “i know”.
    so i do think they mentally make you aware that they are there.

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