VIDEO & PHOTOS: UFO seen over different provinces in Mongolia | July 2020

These UFO report was just submitted to me through our Facebook page. Bright spiral-shaped object was seen over at least three provinces in Mongolia: Ar Khanggai, Khövsgöl and Zavhan. Date: 23rd July 2020.

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  1. This is very much like the spiral that travelled down the East Coast of Australia about 10 years ago and the one over Oslo before that. Both were claimed to be rockets but noted rocket scientists say thats rubbish, particularly the Australian one that travelled down the coast.

  2. Right on with UFO over Mongolia. Using ” gut brain ” projections from 5/25/20, time slot for UFO’s over Mongolia was set for 6/14/2020. Base on prior telepathy contacts, Mongolia might play a role in first contact via a message ? or a landing ? Keep up the great work you are doing well. Realize we are now in a zone : UFO’s Hoaxers ( many travel ” this wide road.” : UFO’s Real arrivals in 2020 ( ” few travelers on this narrow real! Road.” Thanks for your time.

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