2 Orbs hovering above Washoe Valley, Nevada


This UFO video was filmed back in September 2019 but it was just published on MUFON’s website today. This happened over Washoe Valley in Nevada.

Witness report: I noticed two glowing spheres out my breakfast nook window. I was eating lunch in our breakfast nook and noticed something shiny in the distance to the north, in the sky. At first i thought helicopter or plane or glider/ultralight (people fly those in this region), but the light did not move. I noticed it looked like actually two circular metallic objects. The were fixed in space, between my location on Aspen Creek and Slide Mountain, southwest of Reno NV. I took my phone and started recording video. I walked to the window to get a closer look and the objects remained in place. Moving closer I could not see any additional detail. I did not notice the pulsating while watching, but it came out on the video. The objects remained in the exact same position for a while so and stopped the recording. About a minute later I looked up again and they were gone, so I do not know if and how they moved.

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  1. Definitely space travelers,, they came billions of miles to float around our lower atmosphere and have it documented on cameras and the internet,,,

  2. Can’t be reflections from lights inside the room. The person filming is moving around all over the place, which would mean any light reflections in the window would move all over the place accordingly. But they don’t, the lights remain in exactly the same spot regardless of the cameras different positions, therefore I’d say whatever the lights are, they are outside of the building in the sky.

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