Black UFO over Saint Petersburg, Russia 2-Aug-2020

Daytime UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Saint Petersburg, Russia. This happened on 2nd August 2020.

Witness report: Black S-shaped UFO flew above my courtyard moving like a boomerang. To add to a short description, the object didn’t move in a wobbly fashion at all (air currents didn’t seem to affect its movement). It maintained a steady speed and moved spinning like a boomerang (black and S-shaped one). It was the size of a single engine Cessna aircraft or slightly bigger. No lights, no trails, no sounds or vibrations, I didn’t feel anything strange. It was flying several hundred meters above the ground. There was something pendulum-like in its movement. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it at its closest point to me as I was taken aback. Also, I thought it was a weird balloon or a kite when I first saw the object. My phone was in a different room. When I came to film it, the object has already flew several hundred meters to the left.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Google Coordinates (approx.): 59°51’22.0″N 30°21’16.1″E
Date and Time: 2 August, 2020 15:24 MSK, UTC +3

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