Did The Soviet Union Discover Aliens In The Deepest Lake In The World?

Under the waters of Lake Baikal in 1982, 7 Russian divers are exploring the world deepest freshwater lake on a research mission, but 50 metres underwater, strange humanoid creatures appear and in an attempt to capture one of them, all the divers are pushed up to the top by an unknown force. Who were these creatures and what can we learn from this encounter?

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  1. Dont know why people try and deny the existence of aliens we cant be the only life in the universe,and ocean you see a ufo you will never forget it!!

  2. I’m moving from New England to Nevada in the next couple of months. We are so excited about moving west. We’ll be on the top deck of our house boat every night to star gaze and hopefully spot a ufo. I can already see my son asking for a telescope. The beauty of our world extends beyond our universe. I agree we are not alone and we never have been.

  3. I have seen a UFO on 2 consecutive nights. I wish I knew what they were and from whence they came. Maybe the Gov. doesn’t know either. That would certainly panic the people if we thought we were so vulnerable. Who knows?

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