Multiple UFOs seen over the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt 3-Dec-2020 VIDEO!

This really interesting UFO video was caught on tape in Giza, Egypt in 3rd December 2020. It looks like a multiple bright “on fire” objects are flying in the sky above pyramids.

What do you think these objects are?

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Your opinion?
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    • Gods use flaming chariots and Aliens use spaceships so however you look at it your right lol !
      When Ancient Gods arrived it was not long before a religion was wrapped around the Gods !
      The God i pray to created the Universe and has no need for a spaceship !!!

    • what’s with the attitude?? why does every flying thing have to be a lantern?? they surely don’t float like any i’ve seen. usually the wind takes them in one direction. these guys are flying every which way. like they’re being controlled. keep an open mind brother, for they may one day be visiting you and zap your for comparing them with a darn lantern.

  1. Could it be a simple way of saying…..Hello Stellar earthy beings!!!!… we move side to side up to down….you have been searching for eternity…and then… it looks like they are giving you an exact location point at the end. In the form of what we have been staring at for millennia.

  2. Not debating the existence of aliens or this sighting…but why would they come this far to just “float around”. Anything or anyone capable of interstellar travel and the effort it would take, could surely communicate and make their existence known by now. Yep, by now they would surely know we are also trying to communicate with them. I’ll give Bigfoot a break on his lack of effort to communicate, he’s clearly a subspecies primate but good at hiding.

    • Surely, you and many others forget occupants of space vehicles traverse vast distances employing technologies humans may not understand or possess for many generations in the future. You would not expect some isolated tribe in the middle of the ocean to understand how jet planes can travel across the seas to palaces those tribal people don’t even know exist

  3. Its only me or in last seconds of video they trying to create Orion constellation?
    In the start of video they making shape look like pyramid, at the end they probably telling where they are from.

  4. Most people react to UFO today the same way they did during biblical times, and before. Most have the same primitive notion humans are the only beings in the universe. Every religion known to humankind has origins with extraterrestrial interventions. The gods of all religions and ‘myths’ are ETs — Of highly evolved entities, thousands, and millions of years old.

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