This UFO pyramid was filmed over Ohio 18-Apr-2021

This interesting footage of triangular-shaped UFO (pyramid) was filmed in the sky above Ohio yesterday (18th April 2021).

What do you think this is?

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  1. camera filter used. you can see the stars in the backdrop the same shape. plus the rhythmic pulsating light indicates an ordinary aircraft.

  2. Hi Everybody
    Me and my partner witnessed five glowing triangles flying past at great speed over our house on 28/8/21 in Reading UK. We were and still am gobsmacked by what we saw. I have now ordered a trail cam to scan the skies in case they reappear in the sky again , though the chances of witnessing such an event again is very doubtful. Flying from South to North in a staggered formation at amazing speed they were silent, glowing in a kinda creamy white and had curved edges and a curved indent at the tail end. Both me and my partner feel blessed to have seen what we saw. I am 67 years old and have prostate cancer my partner is 58 years old, we know what we saw and realise if we had a decent camera it would have been one of the most convincing Videos ever seen it was just that clear. I was once a sceptic now I truly am a believer so is my partner, so for all you sceptics out there keep your eyes on the skies you may be fortunate enough to witness something which makes you realise there is something going on, what maybe we will all find out one day the truth is out there some where.
    Mr E P Parr Reading uk

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