Mysterious Glowing Sphere Caught on Video in North Carolina


A short video of a light circular object passing the skies of North Carolina Beach has made the rounds online.

A couple took the footage as they were boating off the coast of America on May 16. Both saw a bizarre glowing sphere object similar to reported UFOs spotted in both New York and Colorado in the past.

In the clip, the object is easily recognized against the bright blue sky and appears to move slowly in front of the clouds.  According to the eyewitnesses, the UFO also had a dark circle or spot in the middle.

A witness is heard explaining in the video saying that the object seems to rise above and drop below the clouds in around the same spot for hours.

According to UFO enthusiasts who have watched the video, the object is possibly an alien orb surveillance drone that has come into Earth’s atmosphere to observe our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. There is at least another object in your film that crosses the screen from above to the bottom (aprox. vertically) between second 35 and second 36. It flies by real quick but it can be appreciated, as it is very bright but smaller than the main one. Perhaps what you main object filmed is a mothership and there are other scout ships going around the area. I think there is a third object seen afterward but even quicker. You would have to analyze the film more carefully.

  2. I am wondering if the UFO activities have anything to do with the Nibiru and Nemesis system earth’s binary twin sun? We also have 4 total reactor meltdowns at FUKUSHIMA uncontained radiation . BOB NICHOLS veteran on youtube says we have high lethal levels of radiation here in the Northern hemisphere . We have what is called an ELE extinction level event . Its already destroyed the Pacific ocean collpase of the fishing industry. A nurse here in Virginia told me that we have an ALM leukemia epidemic only caused by RADIATION exposure. A scientist speculated with the uncontained rads we wil not be able to live in northern hemisphere after 2050. Japanese physicist Michio Kaku on youtube called it THE END OF HUMANITY and Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu said that it has killed the Pacific ocean jeffrense FUKUSHIMA seafood / youtube

  3. I swear this looks exactly like what I caught one night with my Infrared camera, same thing Orb no sound, the one I caught was just above the trees about 60-70feet, I put it on you tube if you want to see, just look for IR Film.

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