Several slow flickering UFOs in the sky over Bloomington, Minnesota 29-May-2021

This strange UFO activity was filmed in the sky above Bloomington, Minnesota on 29th April 2021.

Witness report: Spotted some weird lights in the sky that dimmed on and off … these are two different clips pieced together of the same lights in the sky, from two vantage points. Sighting took place on May 29, 2021 at approx 9:30 pm at Bush Lake Park in Bloomington, MN. Lights observed approx 30 mins. No sound, just lights. I actually left before lights completed disappeared so duration of lights in the sky was longer than 30 mins. Video recorded with an IPhone. The ONLY edits to these clips are: sound removed, two video clips combined into one to show you the two vantage points, and clip sped up so you can see lights change a little better (it’s more obvious when video is sped up). Original footage is over 7 mins long.

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  1. I believe these are not from with planet. people have seen strange lights in skies since the ancient times. we’ve been watched for thousands of years

  2. I’m the first to knock down an uninformed skeptic and absolutely believe there is non-human intelligence behind the real deal, but these things could easily be drones.

  3. Appears to be flares. Thanks to the “sped up video” you can see the flares falling in elevation…descending through the clouds. Wish it was something.

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