Do You Believe In Aliens? | Conspiracy Road Trip (UFO Documentary) | Real Stories

Andrew Maxwell, a comedian, takes five UFO believers on a cross-country road trip to meet experts, eyewitnesses, and journalists in order to debunk the theories surrounding UFO sightings.

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  1. What I am going to say goes much further than aliens. I believe in INTERDEMENSIONALS. Those beings talked about in the First Testament, the fallen angels DID HAVE CONTACT WITH HUMANS. This is a known thing, and they had children with the women in those days that became living beings on this earth. THEY ARE NOT OUR CREATORS, THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE THEY ARE, BUT THEY ARE NOT, IN FACT THEY ARE MAKING THEMSELVES KNOWN NOW AS THEY ARE DETERMINED TO HAVE NO FULLY HUMAN BEINGS LEFT, THEY WANT TO HAVE ONLY AI, THAT’S THE GOAL THE TOTAL ELIMINATION OF HUMAN BEINGS AS CREATED BY GOD!

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