UFO Cover-Up Inside the U.S. Government

UFO Conspiracy

In 1952 cameras spotted UFOs flying over the White House lawn in Washington D.C. – these sightings eventually lead to Project Blue Book, created by the U.S. government, in this clip from Season 5, “Aliens and Cover-Ups.”

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  1. In other words, our government has known about ETs, UFOs and Extraterrestrials for about 70 years and they still pretend they don’t know what they are. Horse pucky.
    Not only does our government know what they are they have been working with them to try and secure their technology by using humanity as their trade stock.

  2. Why is it that in the 1950’s, 60’s pix of UFO’s looks like the Aliens were building UFO’s in those years, hand me the wrench Kal El?
    The older the pics the older the UFO’s look.
    You would think that if a pic was taken in the 50’s, even in black and white the UFO would look like a Starcraft from Star Wars or Star Trek.
    But noooooo.

  3. Fact: the U.S. Government has been investigating UFO/UAP phenomena for 70 years or so with the express intent of covering up said phenomena and misleading the public. Fact: the U.S. Government now admits UAP phenomena are real and a potential threat but can’t possibly come to any conclusions without more money to do so (and continues to withhold information from the public). Fact: Many, many people – very credible people including astronauts, military and civilian pilots, police officers, soldiers, etc. – have seen these craft both in the atmosphere and in space, as well there exists copious video and physical evidence. Fact: despite the governments history of deception, and despite all the evidence, people still deny these logically undeniable facts. Question: What will it take to wake people up to this reality? Question: When can we stop wasting time debating the existence of these entities and craft and start discussing the nature and intent of these visitors? Or do we just allow the government(s) to spoon feed us more lies intended to placate us?

  4. No one has actually captured a UFO or their little green men after decades of this phenomenon meant to STAY that way because it empowers a few and makes money for them.

  5. I hardly think the U.S. or any other power had reverse engineering in the 1940s, and even earlier in the Middle ages when strange flying objects were seen in the sky. This seems to be a double disinformation tactic. Just to let other powers THINK that the U.S. has these technologies. Just saying!

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