Daytime UFO sighting over Cincinnati, Ohio 20-Aug-2021


This daytime footage of some kind of a disc-shaped UFO was filmed over Cincinnati, a city in Ohio, on the Ohio River on 20th August 2021.

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  1. Second craft was not the first. When it went behind the building you should have just tracked its speed til it re=emerged but you scanned to another craft altogether. Great footage though, thanks

  2. We are not alone anyone who refutes this is refusing to open their eyes and think beyond their nose. I personally had my own experience firsthand. I continue to see and have objects follow me from time to time in the early am hours traveling to work. My experience in the summer of 1978 530 am while finishing my paper route left me with 2 hours of lost time. My route only took 35 to 40 minutes regularly after my sighting this morning took 2 hours. Last house on my route back up to a small creek. I walked down to the car port (as usual) however I seen through into the backyard and rising from the creek was silver disk with a dome top and rotating multi color lights. The object emitted no sound hovered to estimated 70 feet stopped with me locked onto it visually and it me. I exited back out to the front of the house and crossed to the opposit corner ot the street it stayed in contact above the house hovering, I could see every detail and it was absolute silence no dogs barking (which was always the case) no animal noises at all not even insects. I suddenly became frozen I could not move speak just like in a daze. When I could move, I crossed the street to approach the disk and proceed home it followed keeping the fixed 75-foot elevation I crossed over to other side of street it crossed to my right-side same side of street with me. I began to run it stayed with me turned onto different street heading to my house it followed upon arrival at my house it hovered stayed till I entered then darted off northwest with no sound. My mother was wanted to know why i had been gone for 2 hours to me it felt like normal. I was 16 at the time. I am now 60 and as mentioned above have an object follow me.

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