Surveillance footage at Skinwalker Ranch catches an inexplicable image: a UFO passing overhead right as bizarre events happen on the ground, in this scene from Season 1, “Surveillance.”

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  1. Yes its a ufo but WHY would it kill the cow for no reason as it did not do anything to maybe just curious to why its dying

  2. Yes its a ufo but WHY would it kill the cow for no reason as it did not do anything to maybe just curious to why its dying.

  3. hello my name is Dove and the other night something happened that i cannot explain but i did get it on camera though.
    I was sitting on the porch with my dogs which i do this every night.
    well any hoot i was looking at my phone watching a video on Youtube and i caught a flash from the corner of my right eye it lit up the yard and i thought that maybe the next door neighbor was shinning a flash light.
    So i immediately i turned the phone off then i caught another shadow took off running my dogs went stupid because the seen it also so they played chase with this figure(whatever it was its was fast.
    At first i thought it was the big cat we are trying to catch.
    Well little did i know what really happened!!
    I desided to take a look at our cameras and what i seen i can”t explain.
    The flash i thought that was from a flash light well it was not even close.The flash came from the sky strait down but pulsed but did not touch the ground but lit up the ground about the same time i seen the animal figure running.
    Now the night was clear no rain in sight and all the noise i heard was a humming noise.
    Now this is not the only time we have encountered weird things.
    A couple months back my husband was leaving for work at about 4:45 am and when he walked out of the house he told me that he seen a stealth hovering over the trees about 2 miles away he had said that the ship was quiet and was still.
    He said that he thought it was watching our house!!!!
    Over the years i have seen these so called ships in different places.
    But the flash i had encountered,now they have my attention and just think i was only about 20 ft from the flash!!!!
    Now i know i’m not crazy because i did get it on camera.

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