That UFO Podcast interview with Ross Coulthart released. New bombshells dropped. 9/21/21

Episode 60 lands with one of the biggest names to enter the field of UFO’s in sometime, Journalist, author & documentary maker Ross Coulthart is on the pod for a 2 parter, to discuss;

Warning – Strong language used throughout His incredible book, In Plain Sight Media stigma & Wikileaks Archaeological digs Edgar Mitchell Did we find a UFO with the lights left on…? And much more.

I am doing my best to keep this website updated daily and giving you the latest sightings and news about UFOs. I’m proud to say, that that I keep this website alive from 2009.

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  1. I think it was unethical from the start of the UFO phenomena, in the 1950’s, to keep it secret from the public. The stories should have been out there from the start of it, for the public to view and decide for themselves what they thought of it

  2. I have a video I saw in the back of my house back on my house I thought it was a star and it started moving and it turned out to be a square it looked like see through lico’s hollow and it just had like a 3-D Box

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