Strange UFO lights over Bronx, NY 12-Oct-2021

These bright UFOs were caught on tape in Bronx, New York.

Witness report: On Tuesday October 12th at approximately 7:50 PM EST in the Bronx I witnessed several orange lights appear in the sky. The video shared is one my friend took (my video was only about 7 seconds long). In the video the lights appear to move into a formation at one point. You can also see an airplane passing through the background which gives size/speed comparison. The lights appear to move independently of each other and at varying speeds. Eventually the lights disappeared from view. This is my first time ever witnessing something of this sort and thought it would be worth a share.

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  1. Preciso ser muito, mas muito humilde mesmo. Sequer consigo imaginar o quanto não sei. Talvez gerações futuras aprendam um pouquinho mais.

  2. Sempre pensei que a humanidade passou por um apogeu tecnológico e que por algum motivo, talvez cósmico, retrocedeu. E que agora estamos nos recuperando. Mas como disse antes, não tenho a menor idéia do quannto não sei.

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