Multiple metallic UFOs over Aurora, Colorado | Daytime UFO sighting 10-Nov-2021

This interesting footage of some kind of metallic UFOs flying over Aurora, Colorado was filmed on 10th November 2021. Interesting fact: In 1897 there was an alleged UFO crash in Aurora, CO:

Witness report: Some notes for the viewer. This was taken yesterday, starting at 2:37pm. I live in SE Aurora, close to Buckley AFB, and there is also a landfill a couple of miles from my home, yesterday was an extremely windy day. I thought at first these were silver Mylar balloons, but there must have been hundreds of them. They appeared to be orbs, metallic, reflective and very bright. They moved in the general direction of the wind, but within clusters they would
Move every which direction, and seemed to go invisible for brief moments.

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