UFOs filmed over Calipatria, California YESTERDAY


Strange UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Calipatria, a city in Imperial County, California in 17th December 2021.

Witness report: I looked outside to my backyard and I saw these 2 orb’s glowing like sun but pulsating, I new it was a UFO but still doubted until I zoomed the video and I new for sure I yelled for my neighbor to come out so I have a witness I just didn’t ask him for permission to use his name since it’s late at night and I didn’t want to bother him anymore, he was also convinced it’s a ufo when I first went out I saw 2 of them hovering then they started moving south slowly until they disappeared then 1 appeared coming towards me then started heading south and it happened again 3 total sightings 2 on the first sighting then just 1 of them twice I live in Southern California 32 miles from the Mexican border and in between San Diego and Yuma Az these things looked as if they were going up and back looking for something and for a split second we both saw what appeared to be a beam of light come out of the sky with the ufo,s out of sight it was so fast and thin that we both didn’t know what we were looking at this concludes my sighting

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  1. Real deal aliens there everywhere they know something is up with our goverment and war is going on they are here to stop any nuclear war.

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